Robert Bengtson


Robert is an inspirational artist.

A fine-art commercial photographer for the last 25+ years, over the past decade Robert has been creating things and experiences that inspire meaningful participation / meaningful experiences in others. From fine-art, to greeting cards, to interactive art, to billboards… each embody the frequencies of the beliefs giving rise to them.

The Art of Detail, Inspiration Campaign, and Verto Publishing are the portals through which Robert creates realities intending to uplift, inspire, and activate the human spirit. He also recently completed his first book titled The New Human Story (publication TBD) as a contemplation of beliefs and the power they wield on the every-day / every-moment choices we make in our lives.

Raised on the East Coast, Robert has lived in the San Francisco Bay Area for nearly 30 years. He currently resides in Southern Marin with the amazing dog who adopted him from Mexico (Onawa), drives an old, white pick-up truck with a sacred-feminine plaster sculpture in the back (in case you see it), and carries a hand-made pouch with which he gifts New Human Story cards into the world (so when you see him you can ask for one). When he’s not working on a current project or imagining the next one he can typically be found off-trail with Onawa marveling at this place called Home.

Christi Duma


Christi Duma is the head of development and sales.
Compassion and gratitude navigate her way.

Meaningful exchange and service to the community are at the core of the entrepreneurial spirit Christi brings to the duo. Working for small businesses has given Christi experience in many aspects of running a successful venture: sales, marketing, training, business development, speaking, and event-planning. Her additional experience as an educator, along with working for non-profits supporting children and families, compliment her ability to collaborate well with others. 

Christi shares the vision with Robert of offering people the highest-frequency things and experiences that can be imagined as a way to uplift and inspire the creative process in others. She values the sacred in all things and sees Robert's art as embodying precisely this.  

Other than helping people buy inspiring art, Christi can be found with dough in her hands or with canopies above her while on a trail. She lives in the SF Bay Area / Southern Marin with her son and a talkative black cat.


To thank Earth… proceeds from sales / commissions are used to plant trees.
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