For more than a decade, Robert has been following the impulse of using creativity as a way to inspire self-reflection and meaningful participation. Amidst this artistic quest to understand what makes an experience ‘meaningful’ (while simultaneously exploring ‘universal creativity’ as a means of inspiration) has been a parallel inquiry into the nature of existence itself. What makes a human a human? The results have been an array of things and experiences inspiring self-reflection and meaningful participation involving all facets of society. All of which you can find here in other areas throughout the website.

Who do you think you are?

The next step in this journey is a book that came through last year titled The New Human Story. Part science, part spirituality, part who do you think you are?, the book is a contemplation of the core beliefs at the essence of the human experience. Based on the perception that the choices we make embody the frequencies of our beliefs is the realization that the foundation of creating positive and lasting change for our civilization / the planet stem from shifts in the core beliefs around who we (individually and collectively) think we are. In support of this, the book is a clear, common-sense, conversational journey behind the curtain (behind the curtain) in inviting contemplation and transformation of the very fundamentals that shape our experiences of being human.

This interplay between creativity and contemplation is also why Robert’s art is so universal. Young, old… female, male, transgender… rich, poor… liberal, conservative… black, brown, red, yellow, and white… east, west, north, and south… all of us are shaped by the miraculous and mysterious experience of being (a) human. Where each of us are shaped by the beliefs we hold.

We’re in the midst of putting the pitch materials together to get an agent and publisher for the book. Fingers are crossed. For now, as a sneak-peak… below is the beginning of the Introduction. Scroll further down to get a sense of your own human story by completing the short survey there (which also helps us with our ‘research’).

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”Most people are keenly aware of the ever-expanding problems in the world. From the growing depression, fear, worry, and sense of meaninglessness in individual lives, to the worsening ecological and humanitarian crises happening on a global scale all around the world. Amidst it all, I’ve progressively been wondering Why? Why is all this really happening? What’s really at the root cause, behind the scenes, below the surface, setting all the choices, behaviors, and realities in motion? 

While many believe the problems are a result of human nature, I’ve come to see them all as a by-product of human culture. That we’re in the midst of third crisis, and that this is what’s actually giving rise to everything we see.

A crisis of Beliefs.

The Human Experience, individually and collectively, rises out of the fundamental beliefs we have about ourselves, others, meaning, purpose, causality, life, death… everything. It’s these ideologies that are passed onto and imprinted into us when we’re young which we embody, develop, and make-our-own over the course of our lives within the 24/7 context of our culture. We’re talking about each human’s de-facto belief-based-operating-system, which is used to perceive and participate in every moment of every life.

I call the collection of these core beliefs The Human Story.”

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