For the last 10+ years Robert has been creating things and experiences that embody the following beliefs: 1) existence is meaningful, 2) we are Spirit-as-Souls-in-Bodies-as-Humans, 3) beliefs create perceptions create experiences, 4) creativity is a never-ending, unlimited, life-affirming force, and 5) unconditional love is the highest offering.

As a next step in his trajectory, he recently finished writing a book called The New Human Story. It’s a conversation / contemplation that combines modern science and spirituality in exploring the core beliefs that shape the human experience. The intention is to help transform the operating-belief-systems of individuals / humanity in the process of making Spirit common-sense (again). Chapters range from consciousness to emotional imprinting (shadows) to free will to fate & destiny to archetypes to unconditional love.

Fundamental to the whole inquiry are the two questions most of us are familiar with, albeit in a less-than-inspiring context. With new inflection / sincerity they define the essence of our individual lives in setting the the applications of our free will.

Who do you think you are?
What on Earth are you doing?

To the above right is the current deck of cards we’ve been curating / creating / giving away for years that embody The New Human Story. To the immediate right is the working cover of the book (sure to change by the time its published, TBD). Below is the beginning of the Introduction. And at the very bottom is a Human Story Survey, which we’d love for you to take and let us know what you think.

You can also get on the Mailing List to get updates about the book as well as to learn about upcoming gatherings and events. Feel free to contact us anytime, too, with any questions or comments about… well, anything that inspires you.




”Most people are keenly aware of the ever-expanding problems in the world. From the growing depression, fear, worry, and sense of meaninglessness in individual lives, to the worsening ecological and humanitarian crises happening on a global scale all around the world. Amidst it all, I’ve progressively been wondering Why? Why is all this really happening? What’s really at the root cause, behind the scenes, below the surface, setting all the choices, behaviors, and realities in motion? 

While many believe the problems are a result of human nature, I’ve come to see them all as a by-product of human culture. That we’re in the midst of third crisis, and that this is what’s actually giving rise to everything we see.

A crisis of Beliefs.

The Human Experience, individually and collectively, rises out of the fundamental beliefs we have about ourselves, others, meaning, purpose, causality, life, death… everything. It’s these ideologies that are passed onto and imprinted into us when we’re young which we embody, develop, and make-our-own over the course of our lives within the 24/7 context of our culture. We’re talking about each human’s de-facto operating system here, which is used to perceive and participate in every moment of every life.

I call the collection of these core beliefs The Human Story.”

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01. Do you believe a more beautiful humanity / world is possible? *
02. Do you believe we're 'blank slates' when we're born, or that we're Souls who come with intention to be human? *
03. Do you believe the majority of humans are good-hearted? *
04. What do you believe is the essence of human nature? *
05. Can you imagine a future (however distant) where humans turn things around and exist in harmony with the planet / other Earthlings? *
07. Do you believe Earth is a Who or a What? *
08. Which do you believe is the most powerful? *
09. Which do you believe more? *
10. Do you believe consciousness is created by a brain? *
11. Do you believe other people (conditions / circumstances / situations / things) are responsible for how you feel? *
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