The Art of the Letter

The debut of the first-ever Letter Writing Installation took place this year at the annual Maker Faire Bay Area event. We set out to use creativity and great design to inspire attendees participate and participate they did!

The area was set by metal trees of life, plaster human casts, and colored directional flags. At the opening was a large, free-standing mailbox on top of a reclaimed, hand-split, old-growth redwood post. After checking-in, the participants selected their stationery (10 different options, all in the dimensions of sacred geometry golden rectangles, i.e. 5.3125” x 8.5”), envelopes, and vintage / forever postage stamps. One of three round tables provided working manual typewriters from the 1920’s and 30’s, with the other two devoted to rubber ink stamps, ink pads, writing pens, and colored pens and pencils.

What do you say to make someone’s day?

In two and a half days we went through over 1,000 sheets of stationery… there wasn’t an idle typewriter from start to finish… age range on the sign-up sheets was 4 to 64… and by the time we departed there were hundreds of envelopes in the mailbox. It was amazing. And meaningful. And creative. And delightful. A resounding crowd-pleaser for all ages.

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“10! I loved this!”

“10! Great experience for all ages!”

“10! Thanks for the amazing exhibit!!”

“10. Nice touch on the vintage stamps.”

“10! Great! Thank you for the experience.
It’s a great reminder to slow down and connect!”

“10. Unexpected!”

“10. I’m inspired to bring a letter-writing station to my public library.
This is resonating so well with everyone of all ages here. Thank you!”

“10. This is so cool.”

“10. Loved the mixed-media options, typed text, pens & stamps!”

“10. I loved the experience, and so did my kids!”