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“The Art of Meaningful Living”

• Who do you think you are?
• Beliefs create perceptions create experiences.
• What would Love do?

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“Robert has presented his ground breaking work as a guest faculty at Santa Clara University for the past five years (and counting). Students consistently give overwhelmingly positive reviews. His pioneering vision transforms our individual and collective lives.”

– Shauna S. / Professor & Author

“It was a great way to connect into my self, anchor new inspirational guideposts, and have space in our offsite to do some meaningful reflection and teaming. 10 out of 10!"

– Scott S. / SVP of Revenue

“Robert sees the best and draws out the best in others, helping them be the essence of who they’re here to be. To see people relax and become vulnerable in front of others is also not something that normally would happen with our sales team. All roads lead home when we’re able to open up and share with others and Robert is amazing at facilitating that process. Inspiring beyond all words!"

– Korey C. / Chief Growth Officer

“The experience was impactful and inspirational. It was unique to see people let their guard down and open up with personal reflection. Highly recommended to organizations looking to bond and grow internally."

– Sean F. / Channel Growth Director

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