The theme for this first installation was “The American Dream” and the question it asked was: To what do you pledge your allegiance?

In this context, the piece celebrated 1) Self-Reflection, 2) the Feminine, 3) Native American wisdom, 4) Community, and 4) Democracy.

Flags for each of the Four Directions set the perimeter. Visitors were invited to sit and be the 13th to complete a circle of human female casts before entering the tipi by walking through the circle. Each woman embodied a different human quality, which was written across her chest in calligraphy: Compassion, Courage, Creativity, FairnessHeart,  Intention, Laughter, Love, Optimism, Self-Awareness, TruthVisionWilderness, Wisdom.

Inside the tipi were oriental rugs, pillows, and candles. In the center was a table with a box filled with paper strips and pencils. People were invited to answer the question in writing and leave clipped inside the tipi to inspire others. At the end of the week the inside of the tipi was filled with answers, fluttering like feathers in the wind.

To what do you pledge your allegiance?

• 4 flags for the Four Directions
• 12 plaster casts of women
• Tipi
• "Betsy Ross" flag with 13 stars in a circle
• Constitution-covered chair
• Stone path
• Oriental rugs and pillows
• LED string lights & bees wax candles
• 24/7 solar-powered audio of people pledging their allegiances
• Letter box with paper, pencils, and sharpeners
• Hemp twine & wooden clothespins to hang answers



(Special thanks to Tristan Savatier for his great image of the piece)