“To what do you pledge your allegiance?”

As this was the question Robert's first art installation (Self-Evidence) asked back in 2008 which set so much of everything in motion leading to now… it feels fitting to have this as the first question listed here. With that in mind…

  • We pledge to the win-win-win-win-win.

  • We pledge to the question What would Love do?

  • We pledge to things and experiences that uplift, inspire, and empower people.

  • We pledge to curiosity, contemplation, and creativity.

  • We pledge to your full-expression, empowerment, and exquisiteness in being who you came here to be.

What are our core beliefs?

  1. We are Spirit-as-Souls-(with-intentions)-in-Bodies-as-Humans.

  2. Everything is energy / family.

  3. Beliefs create perceptions create experiences.

  4. Unconditional Love is the highest-offering.

  5. We're all in this together.

What’s our Affiliate program?

We have a limited number of openings where a like-minded-hearted person and/or business can receive commissions on art sales. Options include adding affiliate links to your existing website so your community members can find / consider / purchase our art offerings, as well as by more actively selling / repping the art in your various outlets. Commissions start at 5% for web-based-affiliates and go up to 13% for individual reps.

If you’re interested in learning more, enter your contact info below and someone will get back to you with an application.

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Where / how do you make the things offered for sale on the site?

We believe that a “thing” embodies all the ingredients that went into creating it. Much like that movie Chocolat, where the emotions of the woman making the chocolate impacted everyone who ate it, we strive to have the highest frequencies possible going in to everything we offer for sale. Which is why partnering with great vendors is so important to us.

As a result, we aspire to work with vendors who 1) are local, and 2) provide the highest-quality possible.

HH IMAGING. Established in 1964, HH Imaging has been located in the Mission District of San Francisco since it was founded 55 years ago by the owner, Ken Mitchell, who started printing when he was in high school. We’ve been working with HH Imaging for over 10 years now and they currently create all The New Human Story and Rendezvous cards.

GENERAL GRAPHICS. Located in Alameda, General Graphics was founded in 1961 to serve the creative community and has been doing so ever since, serving galleries, museums, photographers, artists, designers, consultants, framers, and customers who want quality art displayed in a quality manner. From printing to finishing to shipping, they're the top-shelf in every way and are responsible for the amazing production quality behind all of our wall-art offerings.

ANDRESEN PRINTING. Andresen was established in 1949 in Southern California by founder Andy Andresen, the father of current Andresen CEO Drew Andresen. Andresen began as a typography business and soon became known worldwide for their typography expertise and extended type library. With locations in both SF and LA, we connected with them a few years ago when searching for a local source to produce all of the Verto Greeting Cards using 100% recycled stock and look forward to growing together in the years to come.