“To what do you pledge your allegiance?”

As this was the question the very first art installation (Self-Evidence) asked back in 2008, it feels like a fitting start to this page. With this in mind, we pledge our allegiance to

  • the win-win-win-win-win.

  • the contemplation What would Love do?

  • to creating things and experiences that uplift, inspire, and empower people.

  • curiosity, contemplation, and creativity.

  • unconditional love.

What are our core beliefs?

  1. We are Spirit-as-Souls-in-Bodies-as-Humans.

  2. Everything is energy / family.

  3. Beliefs create perceptions create experiences.

  4. Unconditional Love is the highest-offering.

  5. We're all in this together.

Where / how do we make the things being offered for sale?

We believe a “thing” created embodies the frequencies of all the different components that went into its making. From the raw materials, to how the they were sourced, to how the humans feel bringing them into form. Much like that movie Chocolat, where how she felt making the chocolate was experienced by those who ate it, partnering with great vendors is important to us. When we look for sources for printing / fabrication / production we looked for local, Earth-loving quality, and an experience that felt personal. We feel blessed to have found these in the following partners that help us make the world more beautiful.

HH IMAGING. Established in 1964, HH Imaging has been located in the Mission District of San Francisco since it was founded 55 years ago by the owner, Ken Mitchell (who started printing when he was in high school). We’ve been working with HH Imaging for over 10 years now and they currently create all The New Human Story cards, the Rendezvous cards, and the Mini-Prints.

REPRINT MINT. Based in the East Bay, they take care of all the fabrication / shipping of the fine-art photography wall art flowing out into the world. Robert knows Damian back from the days of Pictopia when they were also known for the highest-quality. Everyone who works there are artists themselves and bring that level of quality, pride, and professionalism to every piece purchased here that flows out into the world.

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