Carousel Horse

Carousel Horse

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In the spirit of narrow wall spaces needing a solution to uplift them, we created this collection to accommodate. Found throughout the other collections in wider dimensions, these are the images that translated well into panels. Enjoy uplifting those harder-to-decorate spaces!

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  • FLOATING : an archival, photographic print mounted to aluminum and covered with a durable UV matte laminate. A recessed frame is then mounted to the back so the image ‘floats’ off the wall for a clean, clear, edge-to-edge experience of the full image. Available in three sizes (note: all sacred-geometry / golden-rectangle proportions).

Each finished piece of art is hand-created to order.
Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery.
Contact us anytime with questions / to get pricing on custom sizes.

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”Often people refer to this image as a ‘keyhole’, and I love watching their faces light up when I tell them it’s the top of a very old carousel horse seen from above. Layers upon layers of paint give a patina that can only be achieved authentically over time. A snapshot into the world of the tangible and tactile. I also love how the image symbolizes the realms of joy and play and childhood, imagining the horse in its prime transporting child after child round and round on their journeys of imagination.”

— RB