Moon Lotus is the vision to honor the female menstrual cycle, and transform this imbalanced human paradigm to help birth a New Human Consciousness.

Admittedly, this topic is a doosey to address given how deeply in the shadows our culture has placed it. Present are our social dysfunctions and repressions around sex, birth, and death... all rolled into one. And yet, any harmonized Feminine / Masculine will have this divine experience at its proper place on the pedestal and acknowledge and honor it as the sacred, life-giving essence it is. And I think now's the time, especially given the rise of the feminine happening right now in our culture.

At the heart is the Moon Lotus Pin that women wear when they’re on their Moon. While the historic ‘Scarlet Letter’ was a symbol to socially scorn and cast out a woman, the Moon Lotus Pin is a symbol to uplift, embrace and celebrate her. The pin gives women the opportunity to be transparent and proud while on their Moon, while giving those around her (men and women, young and old) the opportunity to acknowledge, attune to, honor, and support them. Just as an oyster needs a grain of sand to make a pearl, society needs grains of sand to create new paradigms. In this way, each tangible Moon Lotus Pin is like a grain of sand for the New Human Story.

We're at the very beginning stages of launching this.
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