The theme for this installation was “Evolution” and the invitation of the installation was to: Share a future memory... written in the past tense.

This installation was created from the belief that we participate in manifesting reality through the energy we offer through our thoughts and feelings. If everything is energy, then perhaps the energy of our conscious and unconscious thoughts contribute to the reality created. As offerings of energy, then, we have the ability to choose intentionally the thoughts we think in each present moment.

As a way to offer the purest energy possible, people were invited to share in writing a future memory that brings them joy... written in the past tense as if it already happened. This allows basking more fully in the vision while suspending momentarily any of the Hows required to 'get there'.

Representing the blooming of Life, each answer was written on a leaf and attached to one of the trees. Over the course of the week, the trees bloomed with Life.

What future memory do you remember?

• 13 trees (each 5' x 8', i.e. golden rectangles)
• 2,012 leaves
• 3 human casts: Connection with Self, Other, and Spirit.
• 2 flags representing Past and Future (each 5' x 8')
• Pentagon structure representing the Present (5' x 8' walls)
• Mosaic panels inside of images that give people joy
• 24 / 7 audio track of people sharing future memories.