This theme of the art festival was “Metropolis” and the question the installation asked was: What's a new belief you have / want to have?

Flight was created from the belief that beliefs are simply thoughts we continually think. So what we choose to think is true sets the stage for everything we do based on the fact that who we are in the doing extends from these starting points.

Everything we think, do, or feel stems from the beliefs we have about Who We Are / what we believe we're a part of.

Flight invites us to think about the Beliefs we choose to believe. What Beliefs feel good to our hearts? What Beliefs support us being who we came here to be?

What's a new Belief that you have or want to have?

• Birdhouse (5' x 8' walls, i.e. golden rectangles)
• Birdcage (golden rectangle proportions)
• 3 plaster casts: Child, Adult, Elder
• Oriental carpets, Moroccan lantern, comfy pillows
• Feather-shaped pieces of paper
• Flags for the Four-Directions
• Small trampoline to give flight!
• 24 / 7 audio track of beautiful bird calls in Nature