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MAY 17 – 19, 2019

This was the debut of our first-ever Letter Writing Installation.
Where we had everything needed to write a letter and “make” someone’s day.

The installation area was marked by metal trees-of-life, sacred plaster casts, and colored directional flags. At the opening was a large, free-standing mailbox on top of a reclaimed, hand-split, old-growth redwood post. After checking-in, the participants selected their stationery (10 different options) which was in the size of sacred geometry golden rectangle proportions (5.3125 x 8.5 inches). Also on the table were envelopes and vintage postage stamps. One one of the 3 round tables (and part of another) were 8 working manual typewriters (most from the 1930’s), with the rest of the table space devoted to rubber ink stamps, ink pads, writing pens, and colored pens and pencils.

In the two and a half days we went through over 1,000 sheets of stationery and ran out of all the stamps and stationery envelopes. There wasn’t an idle typewriter from start to finish. We were slammed non-stop. Envelope after envelope flowing into the mailbox. It was amazing. And meaningful. And creative. And delightful. A positive experience for young and old.

Thanks again to everyone who volunteered and thanks again to everyone who participated and created something meaningful. We had no idea how well-received our offering would be. Such a beautiful site to see young and old enthralled by the latest-technology from the 1920’s and 30’s.

To see images from the actual event, click HERE to the album on our FaceBook page.