Mt. Tamalpais

Mt. Tamalpais

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We knew we wanted a collection dedicated exclusively to Earth. In recognition that everything we see is Earth. Reconfigured into this and that. You and me. Redwood and dahlia. Stone and sea. Leaf and sky. Of all things most yielding.

These images represent personal favorites created over the last 25+ years. They’re offered in the intention to uplift, inspire, and activate the best in everyone who comes in contact with them. Whether on the wall in a home, business, restaurant, or resort this vision is the same. Bring the beauty of Earth indoors.

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  • FLOATING : an archival, photographic print mounted to aluminum and covered with a durable UV matte laminate. A recessed frame is then mounted to the back so the image ‘floats’ off the wall for a clean, clear, edge-to-edge experience of the full image. Available in three sizes (note: all sacred-geometry / golden-rectangle proportions).

  • TRADITIONAL : a 100% cotton, archival photographic print matted, signed, and framed behind glass within a thick, black, wooden frame. Offered here in the medium size (note: with the image in golden-rectangle proportions).

Each finished piece of art is hand-created to order.
Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery.
Contact us anytime with questions / to get pricing on custom sizes.

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”The name Tamalpais comes from the Miwok indians living here who called it Támal Pájis, which literally translates to ‘West Hill’. It’s become a personal icon of mine embodying the Bay Area having lived on it for many years while continuing to explore off trail to this day. She feels sacred to me. A powerful embodiment for me of the Divine Cosmic Mother herself. (I also recently learned that Alan Watts — i.e. one of the greatest thinkers / speakers of all time — owned a cabin on Mt. Tam later in his life and is where he ultimately died in his sleep in 1973.) I also love this particular image of her, where she feels so majestic and peaceful out of focus in the distance. Soothes my soul.”

— RB