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We knew we wanted a product offering dedicated exclusively to Earth. In recognition that everything we see is Earth. Reconfigured into this and that. You and me. Redwood and dahlia. Stone and sea. Leaf and sky. Of all things most yielding.

This collection represents personal favorites created over the last 25+ years. They’re offered in the intention to uplift, inspire, and activate the best in everyone who comes in contact with them. Whether on the wall in a home, business, restaurant, or resort this vision is the same. Bring the beauty of Earth indoors.

  • Photographic print with protective UV laminate or matte and glass

  • 3 finishing options: Flush, Floating, and Traditional (click here to see the difference)

  • 3 sizes: small (8.125” x 13”), medium (20” x 32” | 22” x 29”), and large (36” x 58”)

  • Trees planted for every piece purchased (1, 13, and 108 for each different size)

As each order is hand-created-custom, please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery.
Contact us anytime to learn more / get pricing on other sizes.

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