Cosmic Mother No. 2

Cosmic Mother No. 2

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Robert has been creating fine-art photography for over 25 years. The Details Collection was born out of what we feel are the most universal and highest-frequency images of his career, with the intention that each piece of art uplifts and inspires all who come in contact with it. May this particular piece grace your walls and elevate the interiors of wherever you reside. Here’s to the details that empower us!

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  • FLOATING : an archival, photographic print mounted to aluminum and covered with a durable UV matte laminate. A recessed frame is then mounted to the back so the image ‘floats’ off the wall for a clean, clear, edge-to-edge experience of the full image. Available in three sizes (note: all sacred-geometry / golden-rectangle proportions).

  • TRADITIONAL : a 100% cotton, archival photographic print matted, signed, and framed behind glass within a thick, black, wooden frame. Offered here in the medium size (note: with the image in golden-rectangle proportions).

Each finished piece of art is hand-created to order.
Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery.
Contact us anytime with questions / to get pricing on custom sizes.

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“There are a number of different names I’ve come across associated with this archetype: Avalokiteśvara… Kuan (Quan / Guan) Yin… Tara… the Goddess of Compassion… the Goddess of Mercy. One translation I also particularly love is "The One Who Perceives the Sounds of the World". For me, she embodies the highest frequency of the Divine Feminine and as such, feels the one I serve with everything I create. This image comes from the statue on my altar, which arrived there as a present to myself on my 50th birthday as a physical reminder of
What would Love do?

— RB