The theme was “Rites of Passage”, and the installation asked the question: How can you support yourself in being the most empowered version of you?

The vision was to create an environment where people could explore feeling supported and connected to something greater than themselves. To achieve this, three circles of hand-holding human casts were created: one with one empty space to complete, one with two empty spaces, and one circle with three. Visitors had the option of how they wanted to complete the circle, which they did alone, with friends, and with strangers.

Collective invited taking a moment and reflect on who we are, who we came here to be, and what can we do to support ourselves in the journey of answering each.

How do you support and empower yourself?

• 25 human casts, ages 8 to 78
• 4 flags for the Four-Directions
• Metal Tree for Life in the center
• Sheepskins
• Tipi
• Oriental carpets, pillows, bees wax candles
• Round table with box containing paper slips, pencils and sharpeners
• Solar panel / LED lighting