Happy Winter Solstice…


Amidst all the different eras, nations, cultures, languages, myths, rituals, customs and traditions, what unites us all — now and throughout our past + future ancestors — is that we’re all Earthlings.

Which is more than just being on Earth.
We all are Earth.

We are Earth in terms of the atoms and molecules that are configured into our miraculous / mysterious Bodies. And we are Earth in the same way our microbes, protozoa, fungi, bacteria, etc. are us. They are us, and we are Earth, and Earth is part of the Universe, and the Universe is infinite.

On this Winter Solstice we pause between the shift in light’s momentum. The shortest day (here in the north) now starting to become longer, building until the peak day of summer. So may new beginnings be like healthy seeds in the winter soil. Smiling with their eyes closed poised to feel the first touches of Sun’s longer kisses.

Day by day. Moment by moment. Choice by choice. Breath by breath.

Congratulations on another completed cycle.
Solstice to Solstice.
Now to Now.

May this winter holiday bring you and your Soul much joy and love.
- RB

Robert BengtsonComment