Robert Bengtson is an inspirational artist, photographer, visionary, seeker, curator, writer, and entrepreneur. Or as he would say : a human awed, humbled, and inspired to be existing, if I am anything!

As a founder of The Art of Detail, Inspiration Campaign, and Verto Publishing, Robert creates things and experiences that embody a new Human Story for humanity. From this perspective, the three questions that guide his creativity (life and self) are:

Who do we think we are?
What on Earth are we doing?
What would Love do?

Raised and educated on the East Coast, Robert has lived in the San Francisco Bay Area for nearly 30 years. He currently resides in Marin County (with an extraordinary dog who adopted him from Mexico), drives a white pick-up truck with a female sculpture in the back (in case you see it), and is in the midst of getting the materials together to get an agent and publisher for his first book (stay tuned / fingers crossed).

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