Robert Bengtson


Robert is an inspirational artist, photographer, seeker, server, and entrepreneur.
For the last 10+ years he’s been following what he now calls the cosmic breadcrumb trail.
Each project leading to the next… like stones being used to cross a river.

As a founder of The Art of Detail, Inspiration Campaign, and Verto Publishing, Robert strives to create things and experiences that uplift, inspire, and activate the human spirit. He also recently completed a book titled The New Human Story (publication TBD) exploring the three questions that have come to inspire his creative spirit:

Who do you think you are?
What on Earth are you doing?
What would Love do?

Raised on the East Coast, Robert has lived in the San Francisco Bay Area for nearly 30 years. He currently resides in Southern Marin (with an amazing dog named Onawa who adopted him from Mexico), drives a old, white pick-up truck with a sacred-feminine plaster sculpture in the back (in case you see it), and is known to carry a hand-made pouch with the little New Human Story cards in it which he gives away as messages / reminders to flow into the world.

Christi Duma


Christi Duma is the chieftess / manager / director of development and sales.
Compassion and gratitude drive her bus.

Meaningful exchange and service to the community are at the core of the entrepreneurial spirit Christi brings to the duo. Working for small businesses have also given Christi experience in many aspects of running a successful business: sales, marketing, training, business development / expansion, buying, and assisting visionaries. Her experience in education, along with working for non-profits who support children and families, compliment her private sector experience. As does growing up among a family of makers who were constantly creating / supporting those who do. As an invaluable experience not quite learnable "on the job" she thanks her entire family / lineage for the skills she brings to the table every day. 

Christi shares the vision with Robert of delivering / serving / sharing / offering people the highest-frequency-experiences imagined as a way to uplift and inspire the creative process in others. She values the sacred in all things and sees Robert's art as embodying precisely this.  

When she’s not executing a Letter Writing Installation with Robert or selling art into the world, she can be found in the kitchen with dough in her hands… or canopies above her with feet on a trail. She lives in the SF Bay Area / Southern Marin with a creative young man and a talkative black cat.



To thank Earth… proceeds from sales / commissions are used to plant trees.
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