100-Watt No. 110

100-Watt No. 110

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This collection began as a “mistake” while Robert was in a remote monastery in Japan. Unbeknownst to him, a previously used, long-exposure setting on the camera ‘streaked’ the lightbulb hanging suspended in his room. As this was his first trip shooting digital overseas, he found himself poised to push the delete button when the little voice pushed the inspiration button instead. “What if … ?”

Months later when he was back in the studio, he suspended a light bulb against a black backdrop and began experimenting. Each image was a single-exposure photograph — a portrait — of the single, unmoving, 100-watt light bulb. Offered here are the highlights from that contemplation. One where he says he felt a whole lot more like Jason Pollock than Ansel Adams!

“Intention + Time + Distance + Speed + Creativity = Art”  - Robert Bengtson

  • Photographic print with protective UV laminate or matte and glass.

  • 3 finishing options: Flush, Floating, and Traditional (click here to see the difference)

  • 3 sizes: small (8.125” x 13”), medium (20” x 32” | 22” x 29”), and large (36” x 58”)

  • Trees planted for every piece purchased (1, 13, and 108 for each different size)

As each piece of art is hand-created to order, please allow 4-6 weeks for final delivery.
Contact us anytime to learn more / get pricing on other sizes.

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