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"His art enlightens the way one looks at the world."


“What would Love do?”

For the last 10+ years, inspirational artist Robert Bengtson has been creating things and experiences that uplift, inspire, and activate the human spirit. From fine-art photography to interactive art installations to greeting cards to billboards… at the heart of them all is this simple-yet-powerful question guiding the way.


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The New Human Story

The New Human Story is the title of the book Robert recently finished writing (publication TBD) which explores / contemplates the core beliefs that shape our human experiences. Modern science meets ancient wisdom meets common sense meets What would Love do? Because beliefs create perceptions. And perceptions create experiences. And because who we think we are is the foundation for the (free-will) choices we make, every day of our lives.

“Who do you think you are?”
”What on Earth are you doing?”


"He memorializes in photographs."


For over 25 years Robert has been creating fine-art photography. For the first time, selected highlights from his career are now available for purchase on-line so you can bring these artistic embodiments of life into where you live and work. Where each piece of art is intended to uplift, inspire, and activate the best in everyone who comes in contact with it.




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With an estimated 7+ billion purchased every year (in 9 out of 10 households), greeting cards remain THE most popular way people physically connect with each other. Indeed, amidst our increasingly technological world, there will never be a digital-substitute for a personal envelope in the mailbox!

Which is why Robert co-founded Verto Publishing. To make creative, beautiful, high-quality cards to inspire deeper, more meaningful connections between ourselves and others. Locally produced… 100% recycled… with 1 tree is planted for every 108 cards sold!



After completing a series of interactive art installations, Robert founded Inspiration Campaign as a way to harness, focus, and scale individual participation into creative power. From 2012 through 2015 over 30 billboards were crowd-sourced AND crowd-funded with 13+ million media impressions created throughout the SF Bay Area.

The next phase of the vision is intended to launch with the publication of The New Human Story as a way to use creativity and meaningful participation to activate new beliefs in the fabric of our humanity.