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Verto comes from the latin vertere which means "to transform / to change." It’s a fitting name because Verto Publishing not only transforms the quality of traditional greeting cards, but also transforms vintage books in the process of creating them.

The cards are designed using antiquarian books from the late 19th / early 20th centuries. We digitally re-assemble the elements into cards as a way to embody the original sense of quality craftsmanship and hand-made design.

The cards (and envelopes) are 100% recycled, designed and created in San Francisco, and we plant 1 tree for every 108 cards sold as a way to thank / give back to Earth.

We're also looking for Sales Reps as well as book stores / retail locations who would love to carry the line, so if any contacts come to mind, please pass this on to them.

To learn more and/or buy cards directly, visit the website.