For the last five years or so I’ve been curating a deck of 54 cards, each with a different message / reminder. The cards embody the creative impulse that gave rise to the four art installations, the essence of Inspiration Campaign, and the spirit that birthed the launch of Verto Publishing.

It’s what I now call The New Human Story.
The core beliefs about who, what, and why we are.
As individuals. As humanity.

What’s important?
What’s meaningful?
What’s free will and how does it relate to fate and destiny?
What does it mean that consciousness is not brain-based?
What’s it mean to be Spirit-as-Souls-in-Bodies-as-Characters?
Indeed, what on Earth are we doing here?

To advance / explore this conversation, I recently completed a book manuscript and am in the process of finding an agent / publisher to bring it into the world. To the right is the working graphic of the cover.

To learn more / talk about the Human Story, contact me anytime.

Also to the above right is the current deck of cards. If you’d like to get a deck of your own to draw from / gift away, click here to find them in the store.

Finally, below is the Human Story Survey that appears at the first appendix in the book. Take a moment to fill it out as part of your exploration around your own core beliefs / Human Story operating system. : )




01. Do you believe a more beautiful humanity / world is possible? *
02. Do you believe the essence of Human Nature is... ? *
03. Do you believe the majority of humans are good-hearted? *
04. Can you imagine a future (however distant) where humans turn things around and create widespread 'Heaven-on-Earth'? *
06. Which do you believe is the most powerful? *
07. Do you believe Earth is a who, or a what? *
08. Which do you believe more? *
09. Do you believe human consciousness is created by / in the brain? *
10. Do you believe other people (conditions, circumstances, situations, and/or things) are responsible for how you feel? *
12. Do you believe we're 'blank slates' when we're born, or that we're Souls who come with intention to be human? *