I consider myself a Creative, Visionary Entrepreneur.
My ultimate intention is to bring The Sacred back into the world.

In our modernized cultures, everything has effectively become objectified, and in a sense, made 'dead'. And yet, I believe that the very separation, fear, lust, greed, and superiority at the cause of this / at the core of our Old Human Story(ies) are in the midst being transmuted in the collective. Through an combination of new social input ranging from Quantum Physics to Positive Psychology to Biological Epigenetics to the whole "Mindfulness" movement, New Human Stories are emerging based on interconnection, unconditional love, and consciousness. It's this new paradigm that I'm dedicated to serving through the impulse to use Creativity to breathe Life back into the mundane / the everyday / the mainstream / our very humanity.

I feel grateful and humble and inspired to be part of this historic time on this planet.
Because I believe Human Nature is Divine and longs for Meaningful, Heart-felt Experiences.

For now, then... thanks so much for visiting the website and reading this.
If you have any questions or comments, please reach out on the contact page.
I'd love to hear what you think / where you're at / what you love.

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Ripples of Creative Commerce...

To thank Earth... proceeds from store sales and commissioned projects are used to plant trees.


To inspire humanity... proceeds from store sales and commissions are also donated to Inspiration Campaign.